Meet Our Vendors

meet our vendors

&U Clothing

Family-run Kiwi business &U was established in 2019 by husband and wife team who were passionate about using the best quality of fabric for their baby. &U has always had a key focus on sourcing from partners that pride themselves in their work and produce the best materials while meeting ethical practices and safe working environments.

&U’s vision is to create beautiful pieces of clothing that are both practical and good to your little one and the planet. Each item of clothing is lovingly crafted using quality sourced organic cotton, plucked from organically farmed fields. This way of farming means that extra care has been taken for the clothing to contain no harsh chemicals or nasties, with only goodness touching your little one’s skin. Designed in New Zealand, the clothing is crafted in the heart of India. It’s GOTS and fair-trade certified and made through ethical and sustainable means. The &U range is available in playful, colourful hues and designs, ready to help your mini me rock the playground.

a Kiss and a Cuddle

Hi I’m Karina, the owner of ‘a Kiss and a Cuddle’. Our designs are from my own original watercolour paintings and are 100% Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certified. This means they are free from any harmful chemicals and other nasty substances. When your baby is wrapped in our swaddles, their delicate, sensitive skin won’t be exposed to the harsh effects of toxins or chemicals.

‘a Kiss and a Cuddle’ swaddles are made from the finest quality fabric which make them beautifully soft, lightweight and breathable. They are also generously sized at 120cm x 120cm which means your newborn won’t out grow the wrap quickly.

Our muslin wraps are a must have baby item as they are very versatile. Swaddling is a useful way to quickly settle and comfort babies but our wraps can also be used as a privacy feeding shield, pram and capsule cover, lightweight blanket, change mat cover and can be used in warm and cool weather. All of these reasons make ‘a kiss and a cuddle’ wraps a perfect gift for newborns, expectant parents or your own little bundle of joy.

In 2016 I started to paint again after many years of putting it on the back burner. Around the same time I was becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of options I had as a mum when buying things for my son and when buying gifts for my expectant friends. I was surrounded by images on a range of baby products that just didn’t appeal to me.
I found myself wanting to create a product for people who are looking for something that is a bit different and unique. Something that parents would be delighted to receive as a gift and a product that parents actually use. That’s when ‘a Kiss and a Cuddle’ was born.

Launching our first collection in September 2019, we look forward to increasing our collection and sharing our new designs with you in the future.

I hope you love our swaddles as much as we do.


At Avanchy, our goal is to provide families with sustainable baby dishes to match their environmentally aware lifestyle. Our collection includes baby bowls, baby plates, baby spoons and baby forks, all designed with practicality and safety in mind. Made from organic bamboo and food grade stainless steel with silicone, they are non-toxic, earth-friendly, BPA, BPS, PVC, Lead, and Phthalate free. They are perfect for daily use and do not harm your baby’s sensitive skin.

Avanchy baby feeding bowls and plates feature an innovative Airtight-Lock mechanism with a suction cup. When pressed onto a hard surface, the suction cup stays in place, reducing spills and making meal time considerably less messy and stressful for parents. The forks and spoons are also made from organic bamboo and the tip is silicone, so your children can safely eat and play with them without hurting their gums.  

Avanchy baby dishes are available for babies, infants and toddlers and you can choose from several bright color options. We are committed to reducing waste and promoting sustainability, which is why we have designed the entire Avanchy range to be used after your child grows up. The silicone Airtight-Lock mechanism can be removed and the bowls and plates can be used without them, at home or on the go.

Back to the Wild

Natural, Organic, & Ethical skin, body & home products.

Friendly on your skin, the environment, & your wallet.

Safe for babies, great for people with sensitive skin, & anyone who wants to cut down on the amount of toxins in their life & reduce their carbon footprint!

I started making these products for myself & our family. I didn’t like the amount of chemicals & toxins in store-bought versions, but I also found alternative products quite expensive. Enjoying a challenge, I started to teach myself how to make these things. 

After sharing some products with friends, they were constantly asking me when I would make a business & start selling these things!

After much umming & ahhing, Back to the Wild was born!

The principles we follow are:

Environmentally Friendly: Get discounts for returning your jars in a good condition. Jars are sterilized, & then re-used. This saves the jar from needing to be melted down, or going into landfill! It also saves the resources that would be used to make a new jar. Plastic is only used as a last resort when there is no other option. And in that case, recycled plastic is preferred.

Natural: All ingredients used are natural. You won’t find anything here that can’t be pronounced, but rather things that can be sourced from the natural earth. Ingredients are either organically home grown or foraged in the wild. Other ingredients are organic where possible, meaning that they’re organic where an organic option exists, & doesn’t cost extravagantly more than price of the non-organic version. This would make the cost much higher to pass on, & we find that this gives a better balance.

Cost-Friendly: Most natural products are expensive. We try not to be. Our aim is to be competitive, even when compared to the standard supermarket product. This means we can have a far wider reach into everyone’s household. Thus limiting the amount of plastic & toxic chemicals in the environment & in our homes, & being able to help those with sensitive skin & similar who may otherwise struggle to afford a natural alternative.

Social Justice: We believe that business is there to improve the lives of all people, not just their market. Every month, we have a Charity of the Month. $1 from each purchase is donated to that charity, at no cost to you. Plus, we have various other give-back schemes throughout the year. In December 2018, we donated a mosquito net for every insect repellent sold to families in developing countries.

We’re also beginning to run some ‘PayWhatYouCanAfford’ workshops. Follow our Facebook Page for more details on these.

Our previous Charities of the Month have included Aviva, Sands, Trees for Survival, Mothers Supporting Mothers, Garden to Table, Pathways Trust, Pregnancy Help, Toy Library Foundation of NZ, Little Sprouts & KidsCan. We’re also constantly taking suggestions for new charities to support – so feel free to let us know who your favourite charity is!

We hope you enjoy our products just as much as our family does!

xx Sonia.


We are a small, family run business who have only recently popped out the other side of the baby teething process – (don’t let the photo fool you, there was still a lot of pain to go at the time of that being taken)

We feel your pain and we know just how stressful this part of raising a child can be. Sometimes it feels as if it will never end. Since starting Bambeado in 2014, the focus has been on providing a range of helpful, quality products that really do relieve the stress, for both bubs and you

Quality and safety are the two biggest factors for us when developing products. Our second child in particular loves breaking things so we only want products in our house that make it as hard as possible for her to do that. There is nothing worse than buying a toy that breaks within minutes of it being used – we don’t want that and mother earth certainly doesn’t need it.

For all of us, our bubbies are the most precious things in the world. We ensure everything we sell has met and exceeded required safety tests in each country – then we give them to our youngest and if they can survive a few rounds with her, we know we are good to go.

We hope you love our products, but for any reason you don’t, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all of them.

Good luck and stay strong – those teeth will all pop through before you know it.

Andrew and Linda

Butterfly and Bloom

Butterfly and Bloom Essential Oil blends are designed for the everyday woman, for everyday use. Our rollers are blended using a synergistic combination of oils, each chosen for their ability to support our emotional and physical needs.  When I became a Mum, it was a whirlwind. I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to share my life with these two beautiful souls and everything changed for me. But it was all consuming and overwhelming. When I started using essential oils, I began to find myself again. I was able to channel my emotions and create a positive recognition of my feelings with the use of certain blends. It also became a way for me to talk to my children about their emotions as we applied or diffused the oils throughout the day. And together, we are negotiating the incredibly fun but challenging journey of motherhood, one roller blend at a time.

Chuckles NZ

We are an Auckland based small business that provides affordable yet stylish, quality cloth diapers. We dedicate ourselves to empower parents to choose the eco lifestyle with their precious babies. Every parent deserves to enjoy sustainable products that brings all kinds of benefits to their household as well as the environment. 

Our nappies are made of eco-friendly materials and waterproof fabric that are made of polyester with thermally laminated TPU. 

Dream Cream

Dream Cream is a truly elegant product initiated to offer you an affordable skin care range that uses not only organic products, but the very finest ingredients available from nature.

Dream Cream is a shot of nutrients.

You get 100% active ingredients, which is why only the very smallest amount is needed with each application. These products are completely safe to use on you, your children and for the environment.

The home of Dream Cream is on a small 20-acre block in rural Northland, S.H. 1 Whakapara.   It is also the home of my husband Pete and myself, as well as 160 citrus trees, 80 feijoa trees, 45 espalier apple and pear trees, 300 (capacity) hydroponic lettuces – all which we’ve established ourselves – plus a few beef cattle and 6 beautiful chickens for our own eggs.  Lots of hard work but lots of fun!  We sell our produce under the name “The Cream Shed”, because of the big 2 bay cream coloured shed on our property.

When we bought Dream Cream we thought the name was a perfect complement to the Cream Shed.

We love producing from the land and nature, which is why we love and are so proud of our Dream Cream with all it’s natural ingredients.   Our aim is to continue growing our range and giving our customers the finest possible skin care at an affordable price.   The natural ingredients we use are intensely rich, which makes a little go a long way.   We pride ourselves on the superior quality of our ingredients and final products, and our customer service.

We love happy customers and you’ll see just a few of our satisfied customer comments on our REVIEW page.

Please enjoy our Dream Cream products!

 Lee   xox

Essentials Only

Hi, I’m Kelly. I am a high school teacher of Marine Science, Junior Science and Mathematics and the founder of Essentials Only. I am originally from the country Queensland town of Kingaroy but left there after high school for University in Brisbane. Once I graduated I spent almost 10 years in Mackay enjoying the northern Queensland coral reef amongst other environments. Eventually I decided I was ready to start a family (AKA find a man first) so I moved back to the Sunshine Coast because that was where I always wanted to live. I found the man – my husband Brendon and we now have two amazing children, our twins Emma and Aaron who were born in 2015. The first year of motherhood was a blur but as they grew it got easier and I started investigating ways to keep them healthier and get them to sleep better. This led me down the path of learning to make our own creams, sprays and medicine alternatives – all made by natural raw ingredients and essential oils. Once friends and family started asking for some too, the business idea quickly grew and Essentials Only was born!

I started this company with the aim of teaching people how to eliminate chemicals from their home to improve their health and that of their family. I had learnt that many modern illnesses can be attributed to the chemicals we have added to our food, body-care products, cleaning products, our reliance on medicine and the fake fragrance smells we are now surrounded by, amongst other things. There are many brands of “natural” products available to purchase these days, however I believe that some of them still contain ingredients that we shouldn’t be putting onto or into our bodies. I also believe that you can save loads of money by making your own household items while enjoying healthy, natural and amazingly effective products. There is also the added benefit that you decide exactly what goes into the products you make and you decide how they smell. I love knowing that everything contains only the essential ingredients.

Eva Rose NZ

Eva Rose NZ was born to make you feel good.

No matter if, you are pre or post pregnancy, breastfeeding or you simply enjoy natural fabrics, we are passionate about offering modern, versatile pieces you will adore for years.

Our pieces are made to last.

Little details are important to us. 

Each Eva Rose NZ garment is made from top quality fabric, by high quality sewers.

We love designing our garments! And we want every Eva Rose NZ customer to love their purchase.

Natural. Ethical. Sustainable.

We support the local New Zealand economy by employing New Zealanders to make all our garments in New Zealand. Eva Rose NZ is a local business supporting Kiwis.

We use all natural fabrics. This helps to lower our environmental footprint as natural fabrics tend to use less energy to develop and are biodegradable meaning they break down easily and decompose. They also feel luxurious on the skin!  

We also only use natural fibre fabrics as we think this is very important because textiles such as linen, silk and cotton are naturally hypoallergenic. They also have unique anti-bacterial qualities, therefore making them ideal for sensitive or allergy-prone skin. For newborn and baby skin, wearing these fabrics is ideal. Almost guaranteed to be kind to babies skin, are the softness and hypoallergenic qualities.   

We aim to be a zero-waste business. What that means to us is ensuring we follow responsible waste prevention practices and ensuring all bi-products of our manufacturing are reused or repurposed. 

100% of our fabric, even our off-cuts are utilised. Our fabric off-cuts are delivered to various charities around New Zealand and other small New Zealand businesses to be made into useful items.

Reusable, compostable and biodegradable forms of packaging are the way of the future. At Eva Rose NZ, we use reusable courier bags, which means you can reseal the bag to reuse it again and again!


Here at Gwamma’s Originals we love creating, which is why we opened up in the first place – it was a chance to build a beloved hobby into a business.

Gwamma knitted her first Jersey at the age of eight, and has continued to knit, crochet, sew and create since then.

One of Gwammas passions is natural products. 100% NZ grown is the only wool that is used in any of Gwamma’s knitted creations.

Quilts boast either cotton, bamboo or woollen batting and either cotton or linen fabrics.

Having been the supportive wife of a sheep and beef farmer all her married life Gwamma knows how important natural fibres are against the skin

Our staff is like one big family, full of tips and advice. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ll always do our best to create it for you. 

We would love you to get in touch.


The Haka is a traditional ancestral war dance of the Māori people in New Zealand that carries a very special meaning – ‘be a strong fighter, find strength by choosing to smile through whatever challenges life brings’. This is the message we have instilled in our daughter, Courtney.

Haakaa is a 100% family owned and New Zealand-run company. The message behind our brand is a strong and passionate one and it is what inspires and drives us to do what we do.

Haakaa was developed through our struggle to find non-toxic and safe products for our daughter, Courtney. Courtney is special needs, being born with autism among other disabilities. When protecting her health and preserving the environment for her future became our top priority, Haakaa was born.

Over the years, we found it extremely difficult to find green products suitable for infants and children. Most eco-friendly baby brands only carried a limited range and shipping to New Zealand was difficult and expensive. We realised that there was a gap to develop a range that is not only convenient and versatile but also safe for parents and their babies.

Today, Haakaa has an exciting range of baby and maternity products, all made using environmentally friendly and safe raw materials such as silicone, stainless steel, glass, bamboo, and natural rubber. All Haakaa products are designed in New Zealand, manufactured in selected advanced international factories under strict quality controls and tested against the world’s highest safety standards (such as European EN14350 and US FDA), ensuring nothing less than superior safety and quality.

We feel so blessed to be able to get our message out to other families. By creating eco and child-friendly products, we are not only protecting our precious children from harmful chemicals and toxins, but we are also ensuring their future and the future of our planet.

We truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Though life with a special needs child is challenging and exhausting at times, this amazing brand and our journey would not have begun without her. The lessons and experiences Courtney teaches us every day is something we are all very grateful for and her smile and fighting spirit is the driving force behind each and every one of us. 

Thank you for choosing Haakaa! 

From Courtney and our family x

Happy Mama Organics

It all began with a not so happy mama…

It was November 2010 and a beautiful baby girl, our first, lay in my arms whilst the tear to my down belows caused by the delivery, was being repaired. I could feel every stitch going in and then being pulled through, then in again… and… back out again… 

In that moment the pain was subdued by the elation of meeting my baby, but when back at home with days turning to weeks and my walk still a slow shuffle, my sitting position still a perch and my toilet trips still a vocal exercise, I was definitely feeling it (salt baths and ice packs had been tried, tested and reviewed as failed). Added to this the knock out tiredness, leaking, hard as rock boobs with tortured nipples and the dazed and confused facial expression of being in early motherhood shock, you could say I wasn’t looking good either.  

It was during a visit from my midwife, that, once I’d finished sobbing, she suggested I try lavender oil to see if that would help. “What?!! I thought, clearly she has no idea about what I’m going through”. How was, a ‘scent’ loved by my grandma in the 80’s, going to do anything to make me feel better?!… Her ‘helpful’ contribution annoyed me but I was so fed up I asked David to go and buy some…

That night I added a few drops to the bath water, as she’d advised, and soaked. I did the same again the next day and the day after that, continuing every night for a week.

Guess what? It was working. Day by day I was feeling more comfortable and with that my mood was also picking up.

Within 7 days I was able to walk and sit properly. I was so amazed, not only because of how quickly the lavender had worked but because I’d actually been healed – by what I’d thought of until then, as just a ‘fragrance’. It was a revelation and there were more to come … 

I started to use my baby’s sleep times to research and learn about essential oils and aromatherapy. This then progressed to wanting to use natural health and skincare so I started to check ingredients on labels. I was expecting to find a few flower names I’d learnt but instead found Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Petrolatum, Methylparaben…

New search in Google and I was able to translate these to skin irritants, hormone disruptors and cancer-causing substances; toxins. There are many more like it in different guises and found in skincare, haircare and baby products. Yes, baby products and unbelievably even those promoting themselves as natural!

I’d been using this rubbish on my little one’s skin, trusting big brands and being influenced by their advertising. I had to let other mums know, but how? …hmm, I thought, “maybe I should create my own brand of skincare products …??”…

So, a few years and a couple more additions to the family later, I’m really pleased to be introducing the Blooming Happy Mama Organics range, created for mums and mums to be, with the range for babies to follow.

Products are 100% natural, Certified Organic (as part of my mission to build a brand that mums can trust) made in Australia, and free from all the stuff that should not be in skincare in the first place. Ingredients have been chosen for their valuable soothing and healing properties, safety in pregnancy, gentleness on skin and effectiveness in solving issues related to pregnancy and motherhood; from morning sickness to stretch marks and cracked nipples.

So why did I call it Happy Mama? Because happiness can be defined by many things; seeing your baby comfortable and content because their nappy rash or cold has cleared up, finding a solution to a problem that boosts your own wellbeing, or even the peace of mind in knowing that the products you are using are safe and not something that you should need to check or worry about; we’ve got enough to do! 

I hope that in using the range you experience at least one happy mama moment.

From one mother to another.

Hevea Planet

Hevea Planet was established in 2009 by Terese, looking for natural alternatives for her own babies. She found this with Hevea Brasiliensis – natural rubber. Hevea PLanet has grown to a global brand as they unify beautiful Danish design with clear functionality.

The hevea trees grow mainly in Southeast Asia, and much of our production requires skills and facilities found close to the plantations where the hevea is harvested, our design philosophy is inherently Danish. 

If You Care

The If You Care brand was created in 1990 and started with unbleached coffee filters. If You Care had the first and only unbleached coffee filters in North America at that time. Parchment Baking Paper and Baking Cups soon followed, both unbleached as well. There was no other brand in the North American market offering brown chlorine-free paper products.

In 2004, the very first Aluminum Foil made from 100% recycled aluminum was launched. This product featured a 95% energy savings compared to conventional aluminum foil. Then in 2007, Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil for grilling and barbecuing, also from 100% recycled aluminum, and waxed paper, from unbleached paper coated with soybean wax, were launched.

If You Care embarked on an aggressive growth pattern beginning 2009, launching innovative and unique products every year such as 100% carbon neutral Firelighters, made from FSC certified wood and vegetable oil, Sandwich and Snack bags from unbleached greaseproof paper, all natural sponge cloths and reusable paper towels from cellulose and Non-GMO cotton, Fair Trade Household Gloves among others. If You Care Laundry and Dish Detergents were also added to the range. In 2016, If You Care introduced Parchment Roasting Bags, the first non-stick parchment roasting bags in the market, to replace petroleum-based plastic ones.

If You Care products are produced with a view to reducing the amount of waste in our waste streams. If possible, nothing should remain after the product has been used and properly disposed of. The packaging is made from unbleached recycled cardboard or paper which should be recycled again.


Hi, I’m Hayley! Mother to my 1 year old daughter Arlo and creator of Inkah!

I started this little business when I moved back to New Zealand after living overseas for several years and noticed there was not a huge variety of kid’s decor when I went to design my daughters room.  After seeing gorgeous décor items while I was travelling, I decided to bring a selection back to New Zealand and open my store!

The other half of my business is making wooden playgyms and accessories. I have always loved anything wooden in my home, which is where I came up with the idea of the Scandinavian style playgyms – to match the décor! I make every playgym from scratch in my garage (turned workshop!).

Thank you for supporting small! I hope you enjoy the products as much as I have enjoyed hand picking every piece and making the playgyms and accessories.

Hayley xx

Kijani Baby

Empowering Ugandan Mamas to create high quality cloth diapers and baby products Kijani is a social business based in Kampala, Uganda that seeks to empower Ugandan mamas while creating high quality cloth diapers and other baby products. We provide good working conditions and salaries well above market rates for tailors in Uganda. Kijani products are sold in the local Ugandan market as well as internationally. Several of our products are made with colorful African fabrics called kitenge, which we purchase in the downtown Kampala fabric markets. Fabric prints are always changing, making all of our products unique and one of a kind! We import high quality diaper fabrics to ensure that our diapers are high quality and safe for your little ones.

Kit & Tilly

Daddy Day Care / Mad Professor

Hey there!… I’m Steve, a father of two and stay at home dad. Daily, like a lot of us I’m just trying to figure out this whole parenting journey and stay sane at the same time. It’s a pretty crazy ride and here I am, also aspiring to enhance the lives of fellow mums ‘n’ dads and their little ones with super comfy, eco friendly sleeping bags. 

So how did I get here?!?…

Like most parents I care deeply about my kids. I’m also an enthusiast of all things eco as well as a dab hand at formulating new ways to make my life easier while parenting. I therefore mixed all these components together in a very scientific melting pot of conceptualisation to come up with a super snuggly, eco friendly, baby and toddler sleep sack that’s simple to use and easy to look after. 

Starting with the little ones…

We all know our children are the future and personally I want to play my part in ensuring that not only my kids, but yours too grow up healthy and secure and in an environment that’s non toxic or harmful to their wellbeing. 

An amazing way to give babies and toddlers a great start in life is to be conscious of what we’re dressing them in, especially when they’re sleeping. Consequently, I’m a big advocate for organic cotton and I go into much more detail here.

Not only is organic cotton a fantastic eco friendly product, but it’s also super safe for our little ones and an ideal solution for our kids sleepwear.

It’s gotta be good!

Being a ‘hands on’ dad, I need children’s products to be durable, super practical, simple to use and easy to care for… oh and affordable too… SMALL ASK, I KNOW!… but I also know YOU want these characteristics in your children’s products too… Who wouldn’t?

Creating a solution…

Like most parents who have used them, I love baby sleeping bags. They’re an amazing answer to safe sleeping and perfect for keeping little ones snug all night long. 

However, in my quest for the best baby sleep sack to suit mine and my kids needs, I found that a lot on the market were either made from expensive and hard to care for merino or were cheap and manufactured with dodgy fastenings and synthetic materials. 

I therefore set about creating a baby sleeping bag that’s not only eco safe, with all the elements made from environmentally friendly materials, but also one that incorporates high quality bits ‘n’ bobs like durable YKK zippers and button snaps, that’ll safeguard you from dealing with faulty fastenings in the middle of the night.


Picture this…

It’s the middle of the night and I’m woken with what I first think to be an air raid siren.

I’ve been called up for service and assigned to withdraw a casualty from their sleeping bag in preparation for ‘operation nappy change’.

Before extracting explosive material from the danger zone, the sergeant major in me has to make sure the coast is clear and that there are no inhibiting obstacles in the way. 

Therefore it was essential the design of my eco baby sleeping bags had the provision of ‘maximum’ access from both north and south directions (the top or bottom), ensuring an effortless operation for you when ‘circumstances’ down below get dicey.

Sorry Grandma… but it’s true. 

Finally, I thought to myself… “there’s some pretty freaky looking sleeping bags out there!” You could be mistaken for thinking they were made from my Grandmas old curtains. Urr, not for me thanks!… Therefore I kept the style of my sleeping bags simple, organic and with a touch of class. Cos let’s be honest – you deserve it!

So that’s Kit & Tilly in nutshell and the beginnings of the Eco Baby Sleeping Bag.

I’d love it if you came along and joined me on this journey…


Welcome to La-Aura!

Here you will find my heart and soul manifested into Macrame and Crystals, and different ways of combining the two! I am a huge sucker for natural textures so when the art of Macrame fell into my lap, it became a love of mine instantly and I just had to start creating! Crystals play a massive part in my daily life and spiritual practice and hence La-Aura was born from my desire to share these two loves of mine with everyone!

I hope my creations bring you as much joy as they do me Much love,

Harmony x

Little Botanics

Starting Little

Motherhood is a pivotal point in every woman’s life and it has changed the course of mine. Your body change, your mind change, and your priorities are from now on, somehow, different!

The Little Botanics story started with our own little one. When she finally arrived, we loved that little human being so much that we wanted to give her the absolute best care we could possibly find.

As a health conscious mother, I kept thinking about all the chemicals she could potentially absorb from the majority of the baby skincare brands available on the market. It was when I developed a natural skin balm for her.

As mothers, we need to be aware that the baby’s skin is 2.5 times thinner than of an adult. Therefore, making it more likely to absorb the nasty chemicals from the ordinary skin care products.

I’m blessed to be in New Zealand where we have a beautiful and powerful range of botanicals that can only be found here.

After months of research, I’ve discovered the most amazing natural ingredients that Mother Nature have made available to us.

With them, I’ve created a unique blend of certified organic herbs, oils and butter from New Zealand and other native habitats across the world.

With Little Botanics, our challenge was to develop a perfect blend of natural ingredients that would deliver maximum potency balms.

We have come a long way and we have developed a line of products to support your baby’s delicate skin in the most gentle and natural possible way.

We believe in the power of nature, in the love connection between mother and baby, of children exploring outdoors, discovering the little animals, feeling the wind on their faces, laughing, chasing each other, jumping in a muddy puddle, feeling the cold water streaming in a creek…

We believe that baby skincare can be pure and gentle as nature originally is.

Adriana Branco

– Little Botanics Founder

Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation, Herbal and Crystal lover and forever student of natural health and wellbeing practices.

Little Genie

It all started on parenthood..

Did you know the Little Genie baby is in fact, our little Genie? She is where the dedication to creating eco-conscious baby products began.

She might not be so little anymore, but our focus on providing products that are as baby-friendly as they are environmentally-friendly has remained the same.

Our aim has always been and always will be ‘Magic for your baby’s bottom and the environment they will grow up in.’

Liv n Colour Toys

The safest choice

Choosing teething products can be difficult enough with out having to worry about the safety of your child.  

All Teething toys created by Liv n Colour have been tested and comply with the New Zealand toy safety standards to ensure that your baby is getting the best.

Lotion Bar Co

Your Skin Matters. It Matters a lot

From the first skin to skin contact with mum and dad at your birth to the first skin to skin contact with your baby.

You share a hundred hugs, a million kisses and may also get licked. You hold loved ones close to your skin in love, pain, sorrow and joy. So your skin matters…

At Lotion Bar Co. we take the responsibility of looking after your skin very seriously and want to make it easy for you find skincare that you can trust.

Here, skincare is everything

We craft our products with the utmost care and intention. We source the finest raw ingredients and formulate without any nasties so you can use the products with complete peace of mind.

The bottom line is, you demand a lot out of your skin and your skin wants to be loved and cared for. Nourish them with Lotion Bar Co. products because the hugs, the kisses, and the licks are worth nurturing.

Love & Lee

All Love & Lee products are designed with baby and mum in mind, every product carries GOTS or Oeko-tex certifications.

These certifications mean our products are not made with harmful chemicals because we wouldn’t want that for our own children and we don’t want it for your children.

When you purchase GOTS or Oeko-tex certified products you can rest assured baby will be safe from nasty chemicals such as azo dyes, formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol, cadmium and nickel.

That’s how the journey started, I wanted to create not only well designed products but also products which are safe for babies, products which are socially, environmentally and ethically responsible.

We truly care for your family, for our earth and for our people.

Luna Luxury

Luna Luxury Linen

Luna Luxury is an Australian based family owned and operated business. Based in sunny Brisbane, Queensland, we provide high quality organic, eco-friendly linen and towels to the entirety of Australia and New Zealand wholesale and online.

Our story started with a search to find a healthy, durable, pretty, and affordable bedding set for our baby girl, and for ourselves.

If you or your family has sensitive skin, or any sweating problems during the hot Australian summers, you will understand how hard it was to find the right products, and having to choose between good quality, healthy, and affordable.

Luna Luxury has quickly become the young, dynamic brand that is preferred by Australian and New Zealand families, who don’t want to compromise quality when they choose healthy and affordable.


Who are we?

We are a young family who started our Natural and Organic health journey 2 and a half years ago. Our eldest daughter was 5 months old when she became sick for the first time. She had Bronchiolitis just bout every two weeks up until the age of 11 months. We were in and out of the doctors, the hospital and informed the same diagnosis – Bronchiolitis!

I looked into Natural health and that is when we began to get answers, our Naturopath explained to us that our daughter had been having a reaction to her 12 weeks immunizations and the symptoms presented themselves as Bronchiolitis. Alongside his homeopathic medication he urged me to give probiotics to help with immune health. 

This is when my journey began with essential oils and creating blends that would support my daughters immunity. I kept creating and trialling, until we came across the perfect formulation. Now here we are 2 and a half years later wanting to share our creations with the world. 

From a young family who creates 100% Natural & Organic products for the whole family x

Mama + Me

Me (Jess) and my mum (Tracey) used to own a wedding styling & floral business- we loved it! Being able to be a part of someones special day was so rewarding but after 7 years I fell pregnant with my first child and we knew it was time for change. ⁠

We had been a part of several baby showers and always thought that mama’s deserve more pampering! There is always 50,000 things you can buy for bubs- countless bibs, gorgeous outfits, toys, books and so much more! But what about the fact that a mother is being born too!? Whenever I tried putting together a gift for a friends baby shower I really struggled to find anything beautiful for her that didn’t have “Not suitable for pregnancy” written on it so… after countless hours of studying and trialing we built our own brand- products which are designed for pregnancy, labor and postpartum self care but beautiful enough for gifting. ⁠

Mama Bear

Maternal instinct and passion for natural and organic products led to the creation of Mama Bear. Doreen, a mother of two, is the founder of Mama Bear. The maternal instinct created The ‘Mama Bear’ in her. The term ‘Mama Bear’ portrayed her so much that she could be a mum who can be cuddly and lovable but also has a ferocious side when it is necessary to protect her cubs.

Mel’s Baby Boutique

Mel’s Baby Boutique was created for new Mums by a new Mum.

We offer a beautiful collection of handmade, customised and imported accessories for new parents and their Bubs.

We have the perfect gifts for baby showers, including Personalised Dummy Chains and Teethers, as well as handcrafted Play Gym frames and Play Gym Toys.

We create stylish Sensory Necklaces for Mum to wear, and customisable Gift Packs and matching sets.

Our Handmade Teethers have been independently 3rd-party lab tested by the world’s leading authority on compliance and certified safe and compliant with safety regulation AS/NZ 8124-1:2016.

Our Dummy Chains have had the same rigorous testing and certified safe and compliant with

safety standard EN 12586:2007+A1:2011.

Based in Auckland, making safe and funky products with love is our passion.

Messy Moments

We are a messy playgroup looking to bring lots of great messy fun around Aberdeen & Shire plus The Central Belt of Scotland (Boness – Grangemouth – Falkirk) for children aged 4 months (or sitting unaided) to 4 years old.

We aim to run sessions across these areas frequently. We will update our terms and let you know when we will be on and where. You can also look at information on our Facebook Page for current updates.

 Mod & Tod

Hi! I’m Josephine, the founder of Mod & Tod and a mum of two gorgeous girls. If you don’t see me on Mod & Tod, you’ll find me running after my two girls or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I’m a big foodie with a second stomach for dessert!

Mod & Tod is all about creating contemporary, beautiful and practical pieces for modern mums, so you can breastfeed with confidence. Each exceptional piece goes through a carefully thought out design process to ensure the pieces are modern and highly functional. I work closely with our manufacturing team to guarantee each piece is made to perfection.

Oli & Carol

Oli&Carol is a recent born company from Barcelona specialized in designing natural baby rubber toys for modern parents and their kids.

The creative souls behind the brand are Olimpia and Carolina, 20 and 25 year old sisters who decided to start a business four years ago.

They love design and nature and wanted to create environmentally friendly products in a business where they could enjoy and have fun together.

Oli&Carol toys are made out of 100% natural rubber from Hevea trees, all in one piece with no holes to let water come inside and providing the creation of bacteria.

As a result they are perfect for soothing gums, hygienic, safe to chew and biodegradable. They are used as teethers, bath toys, decorative objects and more.

Our Joey

Soft, safe fabrics

Our Joey fuses pure, sustainable textiles with fuss-free dressing …

The brainchild of Melbourne Mama Roo, Wendy, Our Joey is dedicated to conscientious parents wanting safe, quality items for their little joeys.

Blessed with daughters, Emilia & Adelyn, only fifteen months apart, Wendy quickly learned that many kids clothes, available today, are not designed for ease, comfort, or longevity.

Fabrics ball up in the washing machine, and go to pieces;

Clothing sizes are teeny-tiny, and bubs outgrow their wardrobe, much too soon.

The first time you dress your bub in an Our Joey creation, will be your ‘AHA’ moment, because every facet just works – from the top-to-tush snap closures, to the generous fit.

Each piece has been dreamed up by a busy mum, juggling change times, on the fly, with two wiggling, giggling babes in hand.

You can expect a snap-happy dressing experience at the change table, while you bond with your precious joey, instead of wrestling with awkward fastenings.

When her eldest daughter developed eczema, very early in life, Wendy discovered the importance of choosing pure, natural textiles for her joeys.

Conventionally-grown cotton and synthetic dyes, make for a toxic cocktail, that babes absorb through exceptionally porous skin.

Plastic-based fibres, like nylon and polyester, are a nightmare for eczema sufferers, as they suffocate the skin, generating heat and discomfort.. And not only that, their production releases harmful compounds into the atmosphere.

When you choose Our Joey’s range certified-organic baby essentials, you can have confidence that your baby is wrapped in clean, safe comfort.

Sustainable, Fairtrade production

Resenting the throwaway nature of the fashion industry, Our chief Roo sought to create an ethical, sustainable clothing brand, with an emphasis on slow fashion.

Clothing waste contributes heavily to landfill, and conventional textile production sees some of the most toxic chemicals on earth, pumped into the air, decimating bee populations and human health.

Our Joey works with environmentally and socially responsible manufacturers, and textile growers. We send your parcels, with love, in biodegradable wrapping.

Through Our Joey, Wendy hopes to teach her girls, and others, about the impact of our choices, on our planet, and ourselves.

Sinchies reusable pouches

sinchies are the original, award-winning reusable food pouches voted number 1 by australian mums!

Modern mums in today’s fast-paced society face a range of competing demands when it comes to feeding their children. Topping this list are essential factors such as healthy eating, affordability, convenience and ease of preparation. We have incorporated all four of these elements into one eco-friendly product, revolutionising the way we think about ‘fast food’!

Sinchies mission is to make our customers’ lives just that little bit easier…

Sinchies reusable food pouches are designed for feeding on-the-run, with no bowl or spoon required – homemade goodness with store bought convenience! You can monitor exactly what goes into the pouches, ensuring you and your children receive optimum nutrition that is free from preservatives, sugars or additives that are often found in pre-packaged foods.

Sinchies are sure to encourage healthy eating, reduce waste, cut food costs and provide an easy, fun, clean way to feed your children when out and about. Simply prepare your own homemade goodness (healthy snacks, baby food, yoghurt, smoothie or fruit crusher etc), pour it in, zip it up and go!

Sinchies are a must-have in every household… they save you money and reduce waste!

Using our reusable pouches is not only kind on the environment but will also save you money – the retail price of Sinchies reusable pouches is less than that of the disposable versions on the market!

Sinchies reusable pouches are designed using transparent, recyclable plastic with a ziplock for easy filling and washing. All our products are made free from BPA, Phthalates and PVC.

So versatile, use them for healthy snacks, sandwiches, wraps, baby food, yoghurt, smoothies, sauces or even toiletries!

Most young children enjoy feeding themselves so the handy spout on many of Sinchies pouches allow them to suck or squeeze out their snacks and meals. Older children can participate in the preparation process, learning about healthy foods along the way. Adults use Sinchies for storing dips, soups, sauces, spice rubs and sports enthusiasts can even use them for energy gels and gus. Sinchies versatility is infinite – see here for a list of filling ideas!

Snuggle Bug

Hi Mamas..

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Megan Ireton and I am married to my husband Jamie and have a little man called Jude who has just turned one!

For the past 11 years, I have immersed myself in a lifestyle that I absolutely love – Midwifery!

This has been a journey of passion, commitment, gratitude, fulfilment and at times sacrifice but there are so many incredible aspects to this career.

It is the most rewarding job I think you can have and I count myself lucky to be part of this profession. To help our most treasured babies into this big wide world and witness the transformation of a family is something that will stay with me forever.

With helping so many people throughout the years, my husband and I finally became parents ourselves. Wow, entering parenthood is a whole new level of anything I have ever experienced in my lifetime so far and I have gained a new appreciation for this journey very quickly!!

I knew pretty soon after our son was born that I wouldn’t be able to MUM and do Midwifery at the capacity I was doing prior to having Jude, due to the unpredictable; and at times demanding nature of the job. This opened my eyes to new things and doors to walk through.

When Jude turned 6 months old, I brought an existing business called SNUGGLE BUG as I was so impressed with the quality and story behind the products that it was a natural progression for me to purchase this business and add another project to my life. I saw this as a way of continuing to help new parents with babies and only wanting the best for them. I decided that I wanted to promote what helped me as a Mum in the way of being practical aligned with good quality products that are going to last the test of parenthood with a young one.

Snuggle Bug has combined with Midwifery as I continue to still work part time in this role. It is my goal to reach out to as many of you as I can with the most helpful things that you could purchase to help your journey in parenthood, keeping high quality in mind at all times.

Keep an eye out for new products, as I will be forever be on the look out, designing, researching and in demo mode here at home with my wee Jude in tow to pass on to you mamas knowing it will benefit your journey too.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey and supporting a New Zealand based business!

– Megan


Sophie the Giraffe

Still the same Sophie…

Even after more than 55 years, Sophie La Girafe hasn’t aged in the slightest.  Since her birth in 1961, Sophie has sold over 50 million units, and continues to be the undisputed star for babies around the world. With widespread popularity, she still is genuinely loved eco-friendly packaging, we strive to make Sophie the obvious choice for your baby.

We wanted to create a product you can trust. That’s why our creation process has stayed the same since the genesis of our company. We do our absolute best to maintain transparency with what and who Sophie is, because we believe in providing only the best for our little parent and child alike.  Sophie’s simple wonder has traveled from generation to generation, and will remain your child’s timeless friend. Detail is important to us. From our natural rubber material, design, user experience, and even introducing more.

Squeasy Gear

“Easy feeding on-the-go!”

It all started back in 2011 when the disposable food pouches were really becoming popular. They were really convenient but they cost so much money and so much plastic was being thrown away. We were sure there had to be a good reusable container to buy for us to serve our own favorite smoothies and purees to our children. To our amazement, we couldn’t find anything. We knew exactly what we wanted but it did not exist. We got some paper and a pencil and the initial sketch of the Squeasy Snacker came to life. We started listing all the features our dream feeding container had to have. “Are we really considering making this?”, we asked ourselves. “We have to!” was the response. We weren’t the only ones that had this “Ah-Ha!” moment. Today you can find several different products that try to meet the demand parents have for a good reusable feeding pouch (most of which are made out of all plastic, are hard to fill, leak, or just don’t work well). Though it was discouraging to see new products pop up while we were still perfecting the “Squeasy Snacker”, none of them met all the requirements we knew parents, like us, wanted for our kids. We took a risk as parent entrepreneurs and poured our entire heart and soul into our idea. Every time one of our three children excitedly asks for their “Squeasy”, it makes it all worth it. We hope your family enjoys them as much as we do.

All our love,

The Wilsons

Squidge Baby

We’re a small Wellington business making handmade, fun and safe baby products.  We specialise in teething products after going through this with our own squidge baby! We enjoy finding new products to naturally ease pain and discomfort, as well as helping with motor skills and experiencing the touch and texture of materials.

Because products are handmade, please let us know if you’d like something slightly different to what we have shown – we’re happy to help with customisation!

You can just find us online (at the moment), but we are looking to join forces with some smaller stores.  Stay tuned for updates here!

Taz’s Little Treasures

The Wiggle Tree

Hi, Welcome to The Wiggle Tree!

Over the past decade my coffee fuelled life as a graphic design has taken me from bespoke design studios in Perth to Lifestyle Magazines in Hong Kong. I’m now settled in beautiful Brisbane with two amazing and forever entertaining kids, Miss 6 and Mr 2.

I love providing nursery products that are versatile and can be used over again with growing kids, like our Nappy Off Mats, just one reason why I love The Wiggle Tree so much! Our products are created with an eco conscious mind. We aim to provide classic, timeless and versatile goods that make things that little bit easier in your world. Our baby and toddler range are truly created with love, from love and for love.

Thank you for finding your way to The Wiggle Tree.

Carly xx


Don’t be the next anything. Be the new something.

When we went to buy quality cloth nappies for our children we could not find anything that bridged the gap between style and sustainability. So we did it. We measured, designed, tested, refined, combined to create what we, as parents, knew to be the best cloth nappy.

We take on feedback from parents ALL the time and continue to refine our designs over, and over, and over again because better never stops. 

We love to have fun in everything we do and we create products that parents and babies need. We put the fun into functional. Childhood is a fun, energetic and creative space and we wanted to pay homage to that in all of our products.

Us parents lead busy and complicated lives so we went to work creating nappies that allowed anyone curious about cloth nappies get stuck in and feel confident to use them one time, some of the time, part-time or full time. We will be truly happy to kick butt against just one disposable nappy in landfill. 18 Years ago I worked at daycare and saw the space that the waste commanded. Here we are today, dealing to that.

Our materials are the best we have found along multiple trials and samples. One size fits most (OSFM) is used for simplicity, no worries about sizing 4-16 kg and with multiple children you have no fuss. We have custom designed the cut, shape and fabrics on the nappies, their inserts and all of our products.

We’ve worked hard to make sure anytime you buy a nappy, you get everything you need to use it. Anytime you buy a nappy pack you have everything you need to get going. Simplicity is king.

We have two children under two and as afore mentioned, we work hard on the design of our nappies, moving them closer to perfection every new round. We talk to lots of customers and incorporate their feedback into the designs. We work with New Zealand designers to create our prints and New Zealand artists to draw our beautiful pictures. We are a New Zealand owned and operated business who supports other New Zealand and Australian businesses and families and individuals by working with them and collaborating with them. We donate to the SPCA monthly and the New Zealand Cloth Nappy Fund.

We hope that TUTI can look after your shits and give you giggles. x

Viva La Vulva

What is this magic you speak of?

Hypericum and Calendula are the mother tinctures of Viva La Vulva. Both are derived from plants that have been around for centuries and have been used for natural and herbal medicinal purposes. Both are proven to have natural healing properties to protect and soothe the skin. This is why Hypercal is the main ingredient in Viva La Vulva. (Together, Hypericum and Calendula, are known as Hypercal). Hypercals magical healing powers are ideal for use on cuts, tears, wounds of any kind, but more specifically they are the fairy godmothers of vaginal healing. Hypercal soothes and cools vaginal soreness, tenderness, and swelling that often happens after delivery.

Made from all-natural ingredients, no nasties and only tested on human mums. One of the most tried and true natural remedies to help ease the discomfort after childbirth.


At Whollygrail, we work together with our customers and their families to make the biggest impact we can through conscious lifestyle choices. Our focus is to provide easy solutions for households to create healthier environments for their families to thrive. It’s our commitment that Whollygrail choices are better for your family, are better for all of us and for our planet. 

We’re a small and committed team with a shared vision of tackling the big issues such as; climate change, poverty, modern slavery, environmental pollution through waste and contamination, lifestyle related illness and disease. We know that real change comes from making daily choices that support solutions to these issues and being active in holding big business and governments accountable for their action, or inaction. 

We’re working towards a better world for everyone! We’re the same people who are excited to fill your orders, appreciating your support in our mission. We respond to your queries, we’re the faces you’ll meet at an event and the same ones who love to have a chat on the phone!

With a conscious mindset and a clear focus on people and planet, we use our SOURCE principles to both design and curate the most ethical and sustainable products possible, that promote better health, support local and developing communities and minimise our impact on the environment.

We share practical information and tips to create healthier environments and live consciously in today’s world, exposing the commercial marketing myths that can be misleading and support both local and developing communities.

Yoho and Co

Making Earth happy reusable nappies, easy, fun & affordable! Check out our website for pre orders on all your favourite prints!

Zarpar Bebe

People are at the heart of our business. We believe the traditional art of handmade design has the power to enrich the lives of others. By working with rural communities, we help to strengthen the livelihoods of marginalized families. 

We are committed to using pure and simple fabrics which have been sustainably sourced respecting animals and the environment.

Our baby carriers not only support natural parenting, but also enrich the lives of others by building futures and changing lives.

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